cover of the book 'Leadership Unravelled'

"There is a hamster-wheel quality to what passes for insight around matters managerial and organizational, a sea of cliché, of often well-intentioned maxims that give a sense of possibility and progress. Meanwhile organizational life simply wallows as restructurings and fantastical targets come and go, dreaming of the Harvard Business Review.... Measurement and the misapplication of the scientific method have got out of control. Inspection has become ever more intrusive, an end in itself with the reporting game eating up time and attention that could be better lived. This book looks at what gets taken-for-granted and how what passes for common-sense falls apart when scrutinised with rigour. The ambition is for everyone to notice and step back from approved habits that strip people of a felt sense of agency, that insist on prescribing how people should feel about and describe their reality. Instead, we provide an anti-prescription where people’s sense of self happens through their encounters and engagement with others. "

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cover of the book 'Speak Up'

"Simply demanding that people speak-up, show some courage and do the right thing (in the eyes of the person doing the demanding) is a recipe for continued silence. Meanwhile the world is filled with scandal as situations already known to many come to light – from emission scandals, to fraudulent financiers, healthcare malpractice and on… a fresh example arrives every week. Then there’s the good ideas and missed opportunities... , unheard because they didn’t come from the right sort of person, in the right sort of way. Everyone claims to be listening and standing by idealised representations of a world without politics, prejudice or shame. In this applauded and rigorously researched book, readers are shown how to engage with the power and hierarchy that make up the social reality of the workplace – and what can be done to create and sustain a speak-up, listen-up culture that works with the world as it is."

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Speak Up was shortlisted for the CMI management book of the year 2020

cover of the book 'The Change Doctors, re-imagining organisational practice'
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cover of the book 'Images of Authority, working within the shadow of the crown'
cover of the book 'Organisational Consulting, a relational perspective'