Expert talks and Workshops

For groups of all sizes (from less than 10 to over 1000) I deliver presentations and workshops of varying lengths around the themes of:

I deliver a maximum of 15 of these a year in order to keep them and me fresh.

Inquiry groups

For groups of between 5 and 8 I lead reflective conversations so people can explore their understanding of the world around them and how they can find the voice they want to have (or is needed from them).

These conversations can be held in person and virtually and are informed by the traditional disciplines of Action Learning, where people experience being given 'a damn good listening to'.

If you would like to take part in such a group, or have me host a group you are configuring, get in touch.

Research Projects

In cross-organisational and organisational specific settings I work with a wide range of research techniques to co-develop original insights into individual and collective experience – opening up the possibility for different forms of action.

The informing research philosophy is one that does not distinguish between analysis and action, seeing the process in which collective understanding is developed as fundamental to enabling generative change (or preservation of the status quo)

Editorial Support

I work with people from all walks of life who are trying to find their voice in written form. The precise nature of the editorial services varies enormously, from relationship to relationship, and includes:

Thinking partnership

On a one-to-one basis, I offer a conversation between equals that offers quality space and time to explore your presence in organisational life. This is distinctive from advice giving or coaching as it is predicated on the two of us coming alongside each other as peers, both curious about what is going on in our respective worlds and noticing how our different experiences do and don’t match.

The focus of these exchanges reflects the nature of your situation and my areas of expertise, so will all but certainly encompass: voice, silence and power in the workplace; engaging generatively with your own activism and the activism of others; and developing reflexive curiosity about how and why the two of us see the world the way we do.

Personal advice

I take part in one-off and recurring conversations with people seeking to make sense of their life – be that in terms of a specific issue they are looking to address at work or a more existential inquiry into what role they want work to play in their lives.

My approach varies from person to person and is informed by my years in Jungian analysis, Masters in Organisational Change and experience of making significant life choices. While this work largely involves listening to people and playing back what I hear, I am probably more willing to be voluble and prescriptive than traditional coaching models advocate.


Available on application.


The following are example workshops for Speaking Truth to Power/Speaking Up and Listening Up and for Engaging with Activism in the Workplace